TrueSpace Design produces distinctive laser accurate Residential  Floor Plans and Property  Summary Forms  for real estate professionals in the greater Vancouver area. You are selling homes, not warehouses, so your floor plans should reflect that perspective. TrueSpace full colour plans are simply superior with a dynamic architectural feel that you will be proud to present to your clients and potential buyers. 

TrueSpace Provides:
+  Top quality Residential Floor Plans available in Colour, Sepia Tone or
     Negative Image Formats (dark background with white lines)
+   Property Summary Form with all room and space dimensions and overall floor
     areas.  Usually available before the plan is even finished. *

+   Competitive Rates - 9¢ per measured and drawn square foot **
+   Laser measuring and on-site CADD drawing to ensure accuracy.
+   Fast turnaround.
+   Redrawing builder's plans or other plan services drawings for presentation.
+   Full insurance coverage (Errors and Ommissions, Commercial General Liability &
     Criminal Record Check)

You put a lot of effort into your Professional Image; from your business cards to your website and even the car you drive, so why not have floor plans that have the same sense of style?

*    Property Summary Form is only included with full Comprehensive Floor Plans


**  Minimum charge is $150.00 which covers 1667 SF.

When your plans look good, so do you. TrueSpace plans and services have been compared to getting a fully loaded Lexus for the same price as a Toyota Corolla!! What more could you ask for? Heinz for the price of No Name? Anyway, you get the idea.

Another reason to get TrueSpace to measure and draw your listing is to protect yourself. Get a professional to do the  measuring; don't rely on previous MLS information or builders plans square footage calculations. You have too much at stake. You would be amazed (or not) at the errors that have been uncovered with a proper measuring job.

TrueSpace wants to receive and keep your business. If you have something you would like added to your plans or a different look or style, please don't hesitate to bring it up. Innovation and the ability to integrate your particular needs is what separates TrueSpace from the competition.

Prices and services subject to change without notice.