+  Why Use Floor Plans?

If you are already using Floor Plans as part of your marketing strategy, I am preaching to the converted. The reality is that floor plans are becoming  the norm. If you are not providing this valuable tool to your clients you are not providing the service that is fast becoming an industry standard.


Detailed Floor Plans:

+  Reduce the confusion many purchasers experience when buying a home
    especially when they are going to numerous showings to find their perfect home.

Show the true layout and flow, allowing buyers to arrange their furniture and
    envision themselves in the home.

+  Help put the photos you have paid for into perspective.
Increase your profitability by quicker turnover of properties and letting you do
    what you do best;
marketing and selling homes.
+ Generates new business as future clients see that you
provide full and
   uncompromising service for each and
every client.
+ Allow your buyers to see potential for renovations and

And finally.....

+  Provide you with accurate information regarding room
and space dimensions
    and overall floor areas.

One of the biggest complaints regarding Realtors is inaccurate floor areas and dimensions. Some Realtors mistakenly rely on years old MLS listing information or even original sales brochures provided by developers. Unfortunately, these are often incorrect because of differing industry standards, overly optimistic marketers and inaccurate measuring practices. In many cases, newly built homes are not verified after completion. During construction many changes can be made to accommodate  budgets, unforeseen site conditions and myriad of other complications which can change the size and shape of a building dramatically. It is not uncommon for these changes to be unrecorded with the builder or municipality. 

I have encountered several previous listings that showed the square footage to be hundreds of square feet higher than measured for the new listing; the garages had been included in the finished floor area. The previous Realtor had merely used the building footprint area from the contractor's construction drawings without any verification. If you use this information, you could be lialble for damages from the new purchaser, and nobody wants that!!

Also keep in mind that Municipalities use dramatically different ways to calculate floor area than is used for real estate purposes. Covered decks and porches, double volumes and attic areas adjacent to living space and other similar design features are considered as "floor area" by some municipalities and not others. Don't depend strictly on the plans to determine the floor area for your MLS data, even in brand new construction!!

Also be aware that floor area calculations for Zoning & Development and Building Permit  purposes (FSR / FAR) vary between municipalities and use much different sets of parameters than are used for real estate purposes. Some instances that are  included as floor area are: covered balconies, double volume areas, vaulted ceilings and attics adjacent to living space.

TrueSpace uses the nationally recognized
"ANSI Z765 - 2003 Standards for Measuring"
Laser Measuring Technology

On site CADD Systems.

You have enough to do. Let a professional measure your listing using the latest technology and then prepare a distinctive Floor Plan that will help sell that listing.