+ Redrawing Builder's/Architect's Plans

If you have access to existing Architectural Plans that were used for construction, and you are confident that the layout is accurate, I can redraw them into a unique presentation drawing for you to use for  marketing purposes. This service generally runs at $.05 -. 07 per SF of drawn building area and relevant features such as balconies, steps, patios, garages, carports, etc.
This service is at the discretion of TrueSpace Design and is dependent on the quality, readability and completeness of the plans provided by the Realtor. In the event that the plans provided by the Realtor are not suitable for this service, TrueSpace Design will prepare floor plans in the traditional method using on site measurement and CAD plan preparation at the regular rate as outlined under "Full Colour Floor Plans" (see side bar)

And now the fine print....
Please be aware that there is no guarantee of accuracy of actual layout, floor areas and room and space dimensions when Presentation Plans are prepared by TrueSpace from Builder's / Architect's Plans. The Realtor assumes all responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. All information is gleaned from the plans and other relevant information provided by the Realtor and is done without on-site verification. It is advisable to keep copies of the original plans for your records. In the event that there are significant changes or additions to the plans after 'substantial completion', or a site visit is required to complete or modify the plans an hourly rate of $75 per hour will be applied.

Prices and services subject to change without notice.

* Minimum rate of $100 applies.